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Equal Learning Fund

A World Where  Education is Available for All

Equal Learning Fund staff and volunteers work to provide educational awareness, funding, and supplies to children most in need of additional support.

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Providing Funding, Supplies, and Program Support to Students Most in Need

Research indicates that children from low socioeconomic households or communities and who have less access to technology and programs are more vulnerable to adverse impacts affecting students’ academic progress and outcomes. At Equal Learning Fund, we strive to bridge that gap to help ensure that every child has an equal opportunity for learning.

Equal Learning Fund is an impartial organization that promotes fairness for all children who need additional assistance. 

Vision Statement

A world where education is available for all.

Mission Statement

Equal Learning Fund believes that every child should have an equal opportunity for education regardless of socioeconomic status. We provide funds and supplies to those most in need so that every child can have a chance at a great future.

Values Statement






If you have questions about who we are and what we do, please reach out to us via phone or this website. Our staff is here to assist you.

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Our Team

Hannah Huelin-Meek

Equal Learning Fund

Founder/ CEO/ Board President

A nonprofit leader with more than 15 years in the industry and a background working for one of the world's most recognized nonprofits, Hannah specializes in leading teams bringing strategic vision and real-world solutions to those she serves.

Chad Meek II

VP, Contentful

Board Treasurer & Secretary

As a global technology leader, Chad has experience working for some of the largest tech companies in the industry, along with progressive start-ups. Chad specializes in Talent Leadership, Market Development, and Executive Partnerships. 

John Nania

Executive, Learning For All

Board Member

With more than 30 years of experience working in Organizational Development, Process Improvement, Project Management, and Fundraising for nonprofit and for-profit organizations, John has a mission-driven passion for serving those in need.

Ken Klein


Board Member

Recently retired from the United States Air Force after 20 years of distinguished service, Ken has now transitioned to a life dedicated to community and education. A language expert proficient in Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese. 

Alex Kissel

Director, ISE

Board Member

A nonprofit operations leader specialized in student cultural exchange programs. Alex has a decade of experience in the private international education sector and is also a certified school Psychologist.

Philippa Kim

Manager, Minerva Project

Board Member

An educator and EdTech expert. Philippa is a strong advocate of educational equity and is deeply engaged in reducing systemic barriers in education through policy change, innovation, and investment. 

Chuck Reinemann

VP, Oxford Harriman & Co.

Board Member

As an expert in finance, Chuck has been advising families, corporations, and nonprofits since 1990. Chuck is a certified Investment Management Analyst and Chartered Financial Planning Counselor.

Kevin Killian

Director, Baker Places


A licensed school Psychologist with a focus on counseling and mental health, Kevin has dedicated his career to promoting the welfare of others.

Lauren LaViola

Director, Development

Lauren has dedicated her life to advocating for causes close to her heart. Working in the nonprofit field, Lauren specializes in Fundraising and Development, Leadership, and External Affairs.

Simran Chandiramani

Director, Human Resources

Simran is a Human Resource expert who has worked across the USA, UK, Europe, and India. Simran specializes in Talent Management, Employee Services, Organizational Effectiveness, and Labor Relations.

Sara Sutherland-Mass

Director, Community Outreach

Sara has 15 years of professional nonprofit experience. Sara’s driving passions are inclusion, building community partnerships, and humanizing organizational objectives.